Residential Finance

mybrokeronline offers suitable residential finance solutions for existing and future homeowners.

We can help you to access a broad range of possible lending solutions, and connect you directly with quick funding from Australia’s best lenders. Whether it’s your first home loan, an addition to your portfolio, or a complex investment solution, we respect your situation and solve complex issues fast to get you the funding you deserve.

We can help you access the perfect home loan option, with fixed and variable rate loans both available based on your financial needs and long-term goals. We understand market conditions and know how to reduce interest costs, negotiate rates, and unlock interest-only payments when required. We can help you to access competitive interest rate packages and maximise your tax deductions as a property investor.

Tailored rates

Viktor and the MBO team specialise in custom lending solutions that align with immediate and long-term financial goals. We offer tailored interest rates and competitive loan structures to ensure the best possible outcome.

There are a number of different home loan options, including:

Redraw and repayments

 A home loan redraw facility lets you to take out any extra repayments that you have made over and above the minimum required repayments on your home loan. Any additional repayments you make goes towards your ‘available redraw’, this can be helpful if you want to use the money at a later date for something else – like an unexpected bill, renovations or a holiday. A redraw facility is typically available with most variable rate home loans and flexible fixed rate loans.

Fixed rate reduction

If you prefer to lock in your repayments, rather than risk variable rates and bank interest rate changes, a fixed rate home loan is a great option.

With a fixed rate home loan you will know exactly what your repayments will be – allowing you to budget and plan ahead.

Not sure a fixed rate is right for you? Want to change your home loan to a fixed rate? Simply say and we’ll fix anything you need.

Interest Only

An interest only (IO) home loan may be suitable for you if you are looking to maximise your tax deductions as an investor, or you are looking to temporarily reduce your outgoing expenses. An IO may also be for you is you wish to manage a temporary income reduction, for example if you are receiving parental leave or paying educational costs while you’re studying.

A IO home loan repayment consists of two parts:

  • The principal component – the amount you borrow
  • The interest component – the amount the lender charges on your outstanding balance

With an Interest Only (IO) home loan your repayments would be lower during the agreed period.

This means you only repay the interest on the amount you have borrowed for the set period of time. You do not have to repay the principal (the loan amount) during that period, like you would with a principal and interest (P&I) loan.

Keep in mind your loan balance will not reduce during the interest-only period, since you are not making any principal repayments.

In this example, Peach has taken out a home loan of $500,000 for 30 years.

If she were to make Principal and Interest repayments at 3.99% p.a. from the first year, her monthly repayments would be $2,385.

If she decides to make Interest Only payments, for the first five years of her loan at 4.61% p.a., her monthly payments would be approximately $1,921.

In the sixth year, her payments would revert to Principal and Interest at 3.99% p.a. Increasing her monthly repayments to $2,637.

Special discounts

mybrokeronline can access a diverse range of special discounts. We can help you to obtain competitive finance with low rates and reduced fees available for property loans, investment loans and construction loans.

Flexible solutions

We provide flexible residential property loans dependent on your unique personal and financial circumstances. We listen to your needs, meet at your convenience, and unlock custom solutions that suit your budget and lifestyle.

Property insights

Achieving success in the property market demands insight and experience. MBO will stand in your corner and offer expert advice on all aspects of your investment, from local property profiles to current lending and market advice.

Dedicated brokers

The MBO team are dedicated finance experts with intimate local knowledge across the Australian property landscape. We will help you to make informed choices at every step of your journey with accurate data combined with friendly measured advice.

Expertise and innovation

mybrokeronline is a leading financial broker with a multi-disciplinary skill set. We combine financial expertise with digital innovation and security, including the use of digital signatures and services to avoid paperwork.

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