Asset Finance

mybrokeronline provides competitive asset finance for a wide range of business enterprises.

Whether you’re expanding, transitioning, or looking to hire equipment on a seasonal basis, we can help you access the funds you need to grow. We will listen to your needs, analyse your cash flow, and source competitive funding solutions that work for you. From short-term hiring to long-term leasing and purchase agreements, we specialise in all aspects of asset and equipment finance.

We can help you to access a wide selection of equipment depending on your size and operational needs. Applicable equipment may include cars and other vehicles, construction and earthmoving machinery, agricultural machinery, lighting and solar power systems among other assets. We can help you to access competitive lending solutions and take advantage of instant asset write-off measures and taxation claims.

Equipment loans

You need access to reliable equipment in order to stay relevant and competitive. At MBO, we offer chattel mortgage agreements for immediate equipment loans with no GST on loan repayments and potential GST input tax credits.

Hire purchase

A hire purchase agreement allows you to hire an asset from the bank while you pay it off over time. At MBO, we work with your accountant to claim input tax credits for the GST payable on interest, with all fees included in the price of hire purchase.

Asset leasing

Leasing equipment is a powerful and flexible way to get what you need fast. MBO can help you to lease assets from the bank with the option to own them at a later date. You may be able to claim input tax credits for rental charges subject to GST.

Reduced expenses

The team at MBO will help you to reduce operating expenses through our efficient and competitive service. We will analyse your cash flow and implement a tailored solution based on your individual finance agreements.

Fast funding

When you’re running a modern business, access to funding is often time-critical. Whether you’re expanding, making a transition, or having a seasonal fluctuation, you’ll get access to your funds within hours with us.

Custom solutions

Your business has unique needs regarding equipment and asset management and that’s why our experienced, asset finance specialists are here to help you.

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